Pennsylvania will receive $68.8 million and New Jersey will get $46.8 million in federal stimulus funds for housing redevelopment projects. These projects will include acquiring blighted properties. It is virtually certain that many will be acquired through the power of eminent domain.

Approximately $43.9 million will go to the City of Philadelphia. However, the City was seeking $58 million. The funding for Pennsylvania also includes $5 million for the City of Reading. New Jersey’s funding includes $11.9 million for the Camden Development Authority, $14.1 million for the Camden Housing Authority and $20.8 million for the City of Newark.

The funds are included in $2 billion in grants awarded nationally by the Department of Housing and Urban Development under its Neighborhood Stabilization Program.
Los Angeles received the most of any city – $100 million. Chicago received $98 million and Phoenix $60 million.