The Philadelphia Board of Revision of Taxes remains at the center of controversy. Last week, Richard Negrin, the BRT’s interim executive director, announced that the BRT will freeze reassessments on most Philadelphia properties for up to two tax years, or until every parcel can be reassessed. Mr. Negrin stated that after only one month as its head, he had discovered numerous errors in the BRT’s data and as well as other problems with the agency. He stated last week that he could not "in good conscience" continue to value properties in Philadelphia using the "bad data."

City Council recently passed legislation that will replace the BRT with two new entities Oct. 1. This must be approved by the voters in the May 18 primary.

The moratorium will freeze property taxes through at least the 2011 tax year unless City Council raises the property-tax rate. Exceptions will include new construction and rehabilitated properties. Most importantly, the 18,000 city properties that received reassessment notices in 2009 will still be required to pay the higher assessments.