A nominating panel submitted 21 names to Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter as candidates for the Board of Property Assessment Appeals. The Mayor will review these names and select seven individuals to eventually serve on the Board, pending City Council confirmation.

Under a recently enacted Philadelphia law, the current Board of Revision of Taxes ceased to exist on September 1, 2010 and the Board of Property Assessment Appeals has now assumed all property tax appeals functions. The separate and independent Office of Property Assessment will assume property tax assessment functions. The nominating panel consists of John McDaniel (Chair) selected by the Housing Association of the Delaware Valley, Tim Roseboro (Vice Chair) selected by City Council President Verna, Jack Malloy selected by the Greater Philadelphia Association of Realtors, David Perlman selected by Building Industry Association of Philadelphia, Joanne Phillips selected by the Philadelphia Bar Association, Michael Piper selected by the Southeast Chapter of the Assessors’ Association of Pennsylvania, and Denise Joy Smyler selected by the Mayor.

The seven selected to serve on the Board of Property Assessment Appeals must fit the following criteria under the law. All seven members must be residents of the City of Philadelphia. Two members must be a real estate appraiser or real estate assessor certified by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, with at least ten years’ experience in that role. Two other members must have at least ten years’ experience as a practicing attorney with residential or commercial valuation expertise. Of the three remaining positions, at least one must be a homeowner and/or commercial property owner within the City.

The following names were submitted by the Nominating Panel:

John Adams, IV
Edward Bell
Walton Burwell
Barbara Capozzi
Eugene Davey
Lisa Eldridge
Frank Ermilio
DeBorah Giles
Harry Higgins
Cassandra Hines
Maurice Houston
Mary Jeffery
Steven Murphy
Darrin Pinkett
William Porter
Caroline Simon
Craig Sobel
David Szeker
John F. Szymanski
Sherman Toppin
Robert Zambrano