One of the largest and most controversial projects being discussed in Southeastern Pennsylvania is the expansion of the Philadelphia International Airport. US Airways Group Inc. is now increasing its efforts to oppose the project. As the Philadelphia Inquirer reported, “the move by US Airways, backed by other airlines, throws the massive airport project into turmoil after a decade of reviews. Philadelphia officials say they will push ahead with or without airline support – even though airlines will pay much of the bill and could cut service here.”

This project has been the subject of attacks from a variety of sources including property owners in the footprint of the proposed expansion. Now, Philadelphia’s biggest airline is publicly stating that another runway would not noticeably reduce delays for passengers because congestion is caused largely by traffic in the skies. However, the city is not changing its commitment to the project. Rina Cutler, Philadelphia’s Deputy Mayor for transportation said, “We are going to move forward. We are going to do the runway."


This fight will likely continue and become even more intense.