The Philadelphia RDA has condemned property owned by a nationally recognized artist. This condemnation has received a great deal of attention including newspaper and radio coverage (I was interviewed by one station) and now by Forbes. The property owner, James Dupree, has been using this property as his studio. The property is one of 17 properties condemned by the RDA allegedly to cure blight in that neighborhood. Those properties will be used for a new supermarket.

Dupree has expressed his outrage over the fact that his property is being taken and for what he believes to be a low ball offer for the property. The fact that this taking has received this much attention further demonstrates the volatile and emotional nature of eminent domain cases. The Kelo case decided by the Supreme Court ignited a furious backlash. And now, 8 years later, it still remains clear that this is a politically sensitive area that must be dealt with carefully by all parties.