Donald Trump’s position on the use of eminent domain has once again be raised by his critics. One example they cite is that he used that power to expand his Atlantic City casino over 20 years. Trump had the New Jersey’s Casino Reinvestment Development Authority take Vera Coking’s for his project. “Cities have the right to condemn for the good of the city,” Trump told ABC News at the time. “Everybody coming into Atlantic City sees this terrible house instead of staring at beautiful fountains and beautiful other things that would be good.” Trump wanted to build a limousine parking lot on Coking’s lot.

The Club for Growth, a conservative lobby, ran a television ad in Iowa in October saying Trump supports “massive new power to take private property and give it to corporations.” In New Hampshire, an anti-Trump super-PAC called Make America Awesome began running radio ads last week criticizing Trump on this issue. “He’s even used government power to seize private property — and brags about it,” the narrator says.

Trump has been consistent in his opinion. Trump, when asked about the controversial Kelo decision in 2005, said he backed it “100 percent.” He told Fox News in October: “If somebody has a property in the middle of a 7,000-job factory, as an example, that’s going to move into the town, but they need this one corner of this property, and it’s going to provide 7,000 jobs in a community that’s dying, of which we have many in this country, OK? I am for that.”