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Artist’s Defeat of Condemnation Attracts National Attention

Posted in Eminent Domain, Redevelopment

About a year ago, the Philadelphia RDA condemned property owned by a nationally recognized artist. This condemnation received a great deal of local and national attention including newspaper and radio coverage (I was interviewed by one station). The property owner, James Dupree, used this property as his studio. The property was one of 17 properties… Continue Reading

Hoboken Found To Have Misapplied Property Rehabilitation Law

Posted in Redevelopment

The New Jersey Appellate Division recently held that Hoboken cannot designate an 11.5-acre site in the city as an “area in need of rehabilitation,” which had allowed it to implement a redevelopment plan.  It found that the Hoboken City council misinterpreted the appropriate statute.  The Appellate Division held that it was unclear whether the council… Continue Reading

Philadelphia Mayor Signs Land Bank Bill

Posted in Eminent Domain, Redevelopment

Mayor Nutter recently signed the Land Bank law and predicted that the City could start selling the its vacant and tax-delinquent properties by the end of the year.  The bill creates a new entity to manage Philadelphia’s vacant land, acquire tax-delinquent properties and sell them. There is an estimated 9,500 city-owned vacant properties and 17,000… Continue Reading

PA House Passes Blighted Properties Rehabilitation Law

Posted in Redevelopment

The PA House of Representatives passed a bill decreasing the time allowed for nonprofit organizations to rehabilitate and sell abandoned blighted properties.  HB 1363 seeks to amend the Abandoned and Blighted Property Conservatorship Act by decreasing the time for court action on a petition from within 120 days of receipt of the petition to 60… Continue Reading

PA Considers Controversial Park Sale Bill

Posted in Eminent Domain, Redevelopment

The Pennsylvania General Assembly is considering a bill which would permit governmental entities to sell its public parks. The concern expressed by many – including newspaper columnists and groups such as the League of Women Voters – is that government officials will improperly use this as a “quick fix” to solve fiscal problems. For example,… Continue Reading

Municipalities Armed with New Prosecution Tools For Derelict Property Owners

Posted in Redevelopment

On April 25, 2011, the Neighborhood Blight Reclamation and Revitalization Act, approved on October 27, 2010, became effective. The Act grants municipalities two primary tools to prosecute derelict owners of real estate in Pennsylvania and force owners to correct serious code violations and public nuisances. The first tool is the right to sue the owner… Continue Reading

Audit Faults Accounting on Philadelphia Anti-blight Effort

Posted in Eminent Domain, Redevelopment

A Philadelphia City Controller audit found significant accounting and reporting problems with former Mayor John Street’s anti-blight effort, the Neighborhood Transformation Initiative. The audit found that NTI, as of June 30, 2008, had failed to make nearly $13 million in payments on nearly 1,500 condemned properties awaiting settlement in court.

Philadelphia RDA Chairperson Steps Down

Posted in Redevelopment

The Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority – which regularly uses its power of eminent domain – will have a new chairperson. John Dougherty announced that he will step down as chairman of the RDA. Mayor Nutter has said that he will appoint a new chair soon.